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What makes a house a home? The people who love to live there.  

Vaida grew up surrounded by architects. Her mother had an architectural drafting firm for over 25 years and forever inspired Vaida’s curiosity for residential Real Estate. One day her mom asked if Vaida knows what makes a house a home?! After some thought Vaida replied - “the people who love to live there.”

Originally from a small town in Europe, Lithuania, Vaida moved to Virginia in 2002. She graduated with Magna Cum Laude from Virginia Commonwealth University,  with BA of Fine Arts and Design. Since then, she has been  working for several known fashion designers and companies in Europe and domestically. After touring a few continents with fashion in 2015 she settled at the South Florida paradise and now calls Fort Lauderdale her hometown. 

Vaida started her Real Estate career in an investment RE sector in 2016 later concentrating on residential Real Estate. Over the years she became known amongst her past and current employers and clients for her benevolence, integrity, openness, humor, and dedication to service.  Vaida’s promise to her clients is an undivided focus to address their Real Estate needs and help them seamlessly transition through the process. 

In personal life Vaida loves people, palm trees, and anything that makes her laugh; has an unhealthy obsession with dogs; is an avid practitioner of mindfulness meditation and other spiritual practices. True service to others begins with a loving, happy and grateful heart, and that is how Vaida lives her life at home and her community.