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Beth Beauchamp of Intercoastal Realty to Receive Luxury Real Estate Lifetime Achievement Award

With a focus that never wavers, Beth Beauchamp has become one of the most respected experts on all things waterfront. This former teacher, mother of three, grandmother of five, and longtime wife of one still has a passion for real estate that has only grown stronger over the 34 years she’s worked in the industry. This is why Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate is honored to announce that Beth Beauchamp of Intercoastal Realty will receive the Luxury Real Estate Lifetime Achievement Award at the 12th Annual Luxury Real Estate Spring Retreat in Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA on April 27 th.

This prestigious award is given twice annually to the Luxury Real Estate member who has set an example for the real estate industry, displayed excellence throughout their career and is truly a legend. All of these attributes describe Beth who founded Intercoastal Realty with the mission to exceed client expectations each and every time. Nothing pleases her more than watching the carefully chosen associates and three generations of Beauchamps continue the synergy and compatibility that has been the hallmark of Intercoastal Realty’s success.

When Beth Beauchamp started Intercoastal Realty in 1979, she knew she wanted the company to set a new standard for any real estate business. Beth initially listed “only” waterfront properties and over many years when anyone saw Intercoastal Realty’s red post with its unique “belaying” pin cross bar, they knew the property was on the water. Her way of doing things was to work hard and smart for all of her buyers and sellers and for the last 34 years,Intercoastal Realty has built a reputation for fairness, ethical behavior, and in-depth knowledge of their market.

In the beginning, Beth joined national and international real estate groups to understand the luxury real estate market. Among these were The Estates Club and the Registry, whose members were restricted to owners or officers of successful real estate companies which met rigid criteria and which meant ideas were exchanged fully. Intercoastal Realty especially values their partnership with Luxury Real Estate, the leader in luxury real estate networks. The Board of Regents is the leadership body of and Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, Intercoastal Realty is the exclusive Regent for Fort Lauderdale.

Intercoastal is still owned and managed by Beth and her family. Her belief has always been that you can embrace new technology but personal knowledge is key. Intercoastal Realty associates will take a new buyer on an educational tour of the potential neighborhoods so that the buyer can see up close and personal what kind of neighborhood they may be living. Our associates know every subdivision, its good points and bad points, where to go shopping, dining, or out to have fun. Although the decision was made to expand its market to non-waterfront properties several years ago, Intercoastal’s knowledge of waterfront rules and regulations is still fine-tuned.

Beth’s leadership, years of experience and tech savviness to focus on its niche of marketing luxury waterfront homes and coastal properties has made Intercoastal Realty the leader in waterfront home sales. The boutique style company with personalized service chooses not to sell houses, but to sell homes and with Beth’s dedication and vision it has become the “Go To” company for excellence in real estate.

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Beth Beauchamp of Intercoastal Realty to Receive Luxury Real Estate Lifetime Achievement Award


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