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Message from the President

From the President

There is more optimism in the real estate market than we have seen since the “bubble” burst! Whether you get your news on line or in a newspaper, the market news is good. We are experiencing a welcome rebound.

As an avid follower of anything real estate, I have been following the influx of “major” real estate companies into the Fort Lauderdale area. A few started to come in over the years, buying or merging with local realtors. At about the same time, statistical information gatherers from all over the country started supplying anyone with Internet access an enormous amount of information about the local market. Some of this information is good but it is so general in nature that it is difficult to pull out the details you really need to make a truly informed choice whether you are a Seller or a Buyer. For that you need a local realtor who recognizes the value of every component of each property, something that a computer located outside a market area cannot do. We realtors who have actually worked this market through the years can help you understand the sometimes subtle nuances that affect value.

At Intercoastal Realty, we have made it a point to learn these degrees of difference. For boaters, we know bridge heights and opening times, depth and width of waterways, setbacks that limit both buildings and boats, and proximity to the Port Everglades exit to the ocean. Location is always the key to value in real estate but for a dedicated yachtsman, it is important that the owner know how and when the yacht can be used. The more informed your decision, the happier your life will be.

Location is also very important for any Buyer. How do you want to live your life? Do you play golf, have children in school, where will you work, what kind of shopping and dining do you like, are view and ocean breezes more important than a gated community and more land, what are your priorities?

For the best answers to these questions, Intercoastal Realty is uniquely positioned to guide you to a perfect fit for your needs. Fort Lauderdale is a paradise where we can find a lifestyle for almost anyone!

-Beth Beauchamp