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Intercoastal welcomes BCPA representative Marty Kiar

Intercoastal welcomes BCPA representative Marty Kiar


Intercoastal Realty was happy to have Marty Kiar, Broward County Property Appraiser, speak at our office meeting.  Mr. Kiar provided a wealth of knowledge valuable to our professional realtors and our customers.  Important information on the portability of property homesteads, property valuation and the appeal process were detailed.  Mr. Kiar also provided his direct phone and email information for our realtors to contact him with any questions they or their customers might have.  This access and information will be used to educate our buyers and sellers on the benefits and cost savings of homestead and other potential tax saving exemptions.

Mr. Kiar continues the tradition of speakers coming into Intercoastal Realty’s office to help educate our realtors, staff and customers.

Other recent speakers have included:

Florida State Representative George Moraitis.  Representative Moritias discussed current and proposed legislation initiatives impacting real estate and Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale Fire Marshall and Deputy Fire Chief Jeffrey Lucas. Chief Lucas discussed the current fire safety regulations for homes, apartments and condominiums.  The recent fires in apartment towers in London and Hawaii provided new focus on how Fort Lauderdale’s Fire Department is working with building owners and managers to insure the safety of Fort Lauderdale residents.  The rules and regulations are complex and have sometimes been misunderstood.  Chief Lucas provided clarity on these issues allowing Intercoastal Realty’s realtors to provide current and comprehensive information to our customers.

Intercoastal Realty has weekly office meetings to keep our realtors and customers informed on topics important to real estate.  We also use these meetings to update our realtors and staff on the market, current real estate trends and available real estate tools.  Intercoastal Realty is a family business and our realtors work together like a family.  These meetings provide an opportunity to share information and get help and advice from each other.



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