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Real Estate is an Essential Business

Good News Everyone:

Real Estate is an Essential Business


From the article:

March 27 – Broward County enacted a new more restrictive Emergency Order (Emergency Order 20-03) that went into effect on March 27th. Although the emergency order creates new restrictions for residences & businesses, there is now clarification on how the Order specifically applies to real estate.

After extensive efforts by our Government Affairs Team for clarification of the prior Order, Real Estate has now been deemed to be an “Essential Business” as long as services are provided electronically or remotely.
Section 3 of the new Order states: “Essential Businesses…may remain open, but shall practice and ensure persons interacting with and within such businesses practice social distancing and all other measures as advised by the CDC”.

Section 3.oo of the new Order goes on to state: “Real estate sales and real property title services, provided such services are performed only electronically or remotely as permitted in Section 4.”

Section 4 of the new Order states: “…commercial businesses may perform remote work so that a business’s employees may interact with each other and/or with customers solely through electronic or telephonic means, and deliver services or products via only electronic means or mailing, shipping or delivery of services.”

Section 5 of the Order goes on to state: “This order does not limit the number of persons who may be physically present and performing services on-site related to the operations of an Essential Business…”

Link to complete real estate guidance info:

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