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What to Expect

Your associate will call the photographer, arrange an office caravan on a Wednesday, and have a sign erected.  Then the work begins!  As the information goes out into the community, potential buyers and other agents will want to make appointments, so be prepared for lots of showings if the listing price is reasonable.  It is always in the seller’s best interest to make the home available on fairly short notice because buyers don’t always give their agents a lot of notice.  You will be asked to open your home for a “Broker’s Open House” which is usually between 11:00 and 2:00 on a Tuesday or Wednesday depending on the location of your home. You may also be asked to allow some.  We try to make it as pleasant and non-intrusive as possible but there will be people walking through your home, always with your associate along.  As offers start to come in, they will be brought or sent to you if you are not here.  Your associate will be there to guide you throughout the whole process including the closing!