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Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate Celebrates 30 Years as the Premier Global Luxury Real Estate Network


Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate

SEATTLE, WA USA – It started with a book. In 1986, a handful of luxury real estate professionals banded together to publish a directory of the best of the best in luxury real estate markets across the globe – a veritable “who’s who” of the international luxury real estate community. The directory, titled “Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate,” was the spark that brought together a network that has spent 30 years innovating and building relationships in the global field of luxury real estate.

In 1995, Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate launched, the first collection of multi-million dollar properties on the internet. The World Wide Web was still new, and filled a much needed niche, providing high net worth individuals with a variety of luxury properties and a direct connection to brokers.

In the same year, Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate hosted their first conference, convening in Quebec City to share knowledge and support global connections. The network continues this tradition of annual events, and later expanded to include a Spring Retreat, International Symposium, and European Ski Trip.

John Brian Losh, who now serves as Chairman and Publisher, has led Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate throughout these 30 years, helping the network flourish even during economic downturns and the recession. The Luxury Real Estate team has continued traditions while seeking innovation, continuing to expand the network and make connections all around the world.

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