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What Happens Next

Your chosen associate will measure the rooms in the entire home, make notes on every feature and show how it enhances the home, and list the features that might have special appeal to a buyer.  They will ask for floor plans and a survey, if you have them, and any information about changes you may have made to the home.  This will be verified for you when your associate goes to the Fort Lauderdale Building Department on line and brings you a copy of the permits pulled on your home.  Intercoastal associates do the permit search because sometimes a contractor neglects to close a permit with the city and a closing can be held up until that permit is closed.  You will be asked about any personal property that you may want to exclude since that information has to appear in the listing when it goes into the Multiple Listing Exchange. You also will be asked for the name of your attorney and about timing for photography which they will try to make appointments to do in the first week so that professional photos will appear in MLXchange, brochures, e-mailers and brochures.