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Now Where Do I Live?

This depends.  Are you downsizing or moving up to a larger home in Fort Lauderdale or moving to another part of the country?  Usually your home search starts when you decide to sell your home.  If you are moving out of the area, we can help introduce you to a successful broker at your destination.  If you are staying in the Fort Lauderdale area, we will be happy to help you gather the data to make an informed decision here.  Chances are you already know the neighborhoods but we can burrow down and give you much more information about individual markets.  Each area has its own unique nuances that help to establish value and we will share with you these nuances that we have become aware of over our years of working in all the Fort Lauderdale areas.  If you are conducting the sale from outside the area, rest assured that your choice of Intercoastal Realty as your local agent is a good one.  We will inform you by phone, e-mail, text or in person all along the way.  We have an excellent reputation for keeping in touch  often so there are no gaps in communications.